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Bible studies & Guides

In this 6-session study, Laura Seifert walks through Psalm 23 to demonstrate our Shepherd’s faithfulness. We often want the full blueprint for our life but, that’s not what the Lord promises. He does promise to walk with us even in dark valleys. Discover how life with the Shepherd is a life of adventure. Watch the free videos here.


On the go? Listen to Bible studies led by Laura Seifert here. Our podcast is ready to meet you where you are - on a run, in your car or even in the quietness of your own home.

Forgive. Book

Do you ever feel like you’re carrying a lot of unnecessary baggage that keeps you from living life or running your race?

We are preoccupied by any number of distractions that command our attention. The worst part is that the baggage is extraneous. We are the ones who choose to lug it around, even though it often breeds doubt, compromise, bitterness, and regret.

The key to lightening that load is forgiveness.